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Timeline of Events

Traverse the rich history of the Saved Souls community with our comprehensive timeline of summarized events from the discord #announcements channel, showcasing pivotal events and milestones that have defined our journey thus far in the ever-evolving world of web3.


The Saved Souls team has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming battles in Phase 4. In Phase 4, Souls will be able to battle other Souls for the first time. We will have to pick a side to fight for, and the winning side will be incorporated into the Saved Souls Lore.


O Captain My Captain announced that Saved Souls have been delisted from exchanges for 30 days to allow for the attainment of Captain rank. This rank provides access to 50% royalties from Swamp Souls and 33% royalties from Saved Souls. Additionally, it enables entry into Captain-only giveaways. The first royalty share is scheduled for payout on June 6th, which will be based on May's volume and will be distributed in straight ETH.


O Captain My Captain announces a 5 Swamp Soul giveaway to 1 Swamp Hunter, 1 Swamp Master, 1 Swamp Soul Holder, and 2 slots for holders of the Saved Souls, Toxic Ring trait.


O Captain My Captain announces phase 3 is all about helping others reveal their Swamp Souls. Each Saved Souls owner has have 2 shots per day to reveal a spot on the map, which can be a Swamp Soul to reveal, or an ETH prize. If you are holding the Future Glasses you will be able to see where someone else has clicked for their reveal attempt.


O Captain My Captain announces that the Swamp Capture phase is complete, and all remaining Swamp Souls have been captured by the team and would be used in future giveaways. The Swamp Soul gamification reveal process begins. The reveal is set to be completed once the community cooperatively completes the reveal game. There will be New Achievements, a chance to win ETH by participating in the reveal game, and potentially some Saved Souls / Swamp Souls. All you need is a Saved Soul to participate in the festivities


O Captain My Captain announces 800/999 swamp souls captured at this point. O Captain My Captain continues to roll out dope sneak peeks for the community before the reveal.


O Captain My Captain announces the Swamp Souls collection with a link for people to capture one with their Kraken's Fury crossbow.


The Community had a karaoke session with 60 people in VC and two singers.


O Captain My Captain announces that during Phase 3 players will be able to trade in their Kraken's Fury for a new artifact.


O Captain My Captain announces that Narwal, Finback, Blue Whale, Officer and Captain awards will be coming in handy in the future. A sneak peak graphic for the Swamp phase is released.


O Captain My Captain announces an artifact airdrop - which turned out to be Kraken's Fury, a crossbow that could be used in exchange to capture a Swamp Soul


To celebrate 4/20 (YL-420) O Captain My Captain gave away 4 Otherside Vessels! If you have the Hippy Brown trait, Tyre Ring trait, or Baked trait then you automatically received 2X odds at winning 1 of the 4 vessels. If you didn't have these traits then you had to head over to #what-yu-gonna-do and tell Captain why you would love to win a vessel and be apart of the Yuga Ecosystem.


Poseidon and two .25 ETH prizes given away in the "Poesideons Passion, and Poseidons Power" giveaway


5 wallets win .1 ETH from the Treasure Chest location on the treasure map.


5 wallets win a Saved Soul by being automatically entered into the the Pirate Map Location and winning by having the right traits


A new discord channel has been created for raiding new members. It looks like a Treasure Chest has appeared on the treasure map!


In the first event of the game, the captain's pipe was stolen. 48hr event: Pipe, Classy Eye, or Pirate Hat traits grant 2x chances to win 1 of 5 Souls & 100% odds of finding map piece (if Officer).


Crew refunded 6E and 30+ SS after discord hack and fake mint website posted in #announcements. ETH returned for stolen NFTs from other collections. Discord hardened to prevent future incidents. Crew remains committed to exploration and plans.


O Captain My Captain adds new achievements: Peacemaker and Raider. Website updated for easy navigation. Full commercial IP rights for owned Saved Souls. Focus on the destination, not small waves.


O Captain My Captain announces that phase 2 focuses on teamwork, with Officer-only initiative and higher rewards. Officers collaborate to find gasless treasure map pieces. Poseidon and new antagonist to appear; choose your side. Engagement and communication are crucial.


O Captain My Captain announces the Exploration Achievement for those who find treasure in the map by searching daily


Explorations of the Dark Sea article released. Saved Souls NFT fully revealed after community effort. True essence of Web3 and lasting impression achieved. Officer & Captain Achievements for unlisted Saved Souls with a fair system in place.

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Day 2: The reveal process was cooperative, each person had to reveal others' Saved Souls. On average, there were 6 saves per person.